The American Mexico Public Affairs Committee



The American Mexico Public Affairs Committee

What is AMxPAC

The American Mexico Public Affairs Committee (AMxPAC) is a nonpartisan Texas non-profit corporation founded by U.S. Citizens as a 501(c)(4) organization. AMxPAC mission is to strengthen and advance the U.S.- Mexico relationship in a way that is of benefit to both the United States and Mexico.

About Us

501(c)(4) organization

The U.S. tax code describes several types of non-profit organization and their requirements. ”Social welfare” organizations are described under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code. Social welfare is a somewhat ambiguous term. According to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, a social welfare organization “must operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community (such as by bringing about civic betterment and social improvements).”

Because that furthering of common good may require some degree of activism or advocacy (lobbying), the IRS has determined that “Seeking legislation germane to the organization’s programs is a permissible means of attaining social welfare purposes.”

All 501(c) non-profits, including 501(c)(4) organizations, must file 990 tax forms, which are publicly disclosed on sites such as Guidestar. In addition, organizations must provide these forms directly to any member of the public who requests them. These forms detail a group’s revenue, primary activities, major vendors, grant recipients and members of its board of directors. Often, they will also disclose the highest-paid employees. Nonprofit groups cannot be in the business of making money for shareholders or any individual. The 990 forms can help the public get a sense of an organization and who may be benefitting from it. These groups are also subject to IRS audits to ensure that they are not benefitting any shareholder or individual. And 501(c)(4) groups may also be scrutinized by the IRS to ensure they are indeed carrying out social welfare activities and not existing primarily as political campaign groups.

Examples of groups that have long existed as 501(c)(4) organisations include:

Does AMxPAC engage in any political campaign?

The AMxPAC does not engage in any political campaign activities because it accepts contributions from foreign nationals and foreign businesses.

U.S. federal law prohibits foreign nationals, foreign businesses and foreign governments from rom contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.

Federal law also prohibits anyone from helping foreign nationals, foreign businesses and foreign governments to contribute funds in connection with a political campaign.

AMxPAC can accept contributions from foreign nationals and foreign business because it limits its activities to lobbying that is not related to an political election.

Another benefit of a 501(c)(4) is the ability to receive donations without disclosing donors to the public. This can help donors feel comfortable that other organizations will not come knocking at their door for similar contributions.

Although donations to AMxPAC are not tax deductible charitable contributions, they can be tax deductible as business expenses to businesses who pay taxes in the U.S.

$2.4 billion in goods moves between Canada,
the United States, and Mexico every single day.

*Source: June 19, 2017

What are the Activities of AMxPAC?

  • Educate public opinion and key public officials for the advancement and strengthening of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.
  • Educate elected officials on the U.S, Mexico economic and trade agenda.
  • Educate the American people in reference to the Mexican Nationals living in the U.S., in topics such as community integration, education and civil rights.
  • Engage with Think Tanks and Universities to generate and publish materials on Mexico.
  • Educate on Mexico’s relevance to the prosperity and economic wellbeing of the U.S.
  • Educating the public through workshops, publications, and advertisements about misconceptions and the benefits of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.
  • Support the efforts of other 501(c)(4) organizations that have a similar mission, such as AMxPAC.

80 billion dollars or 0.5% added to the U.S. GDP once NAFTA was implemented.

*Source: According to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Feb 3. 2017


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About 11 million U.S. jobs depend
on trade with Mexico and Canada.

*5 million with Mexico alone.